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Ben & Cherries

What We Do:

Our primary crop is Cherries, but we also have Apples, Peaches, Pears, Plums and several large vegetable and herb gardens. We market our crops through the sale of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and fruit related products.  Currently we have the following products: Cherry Jam, Cherry BBQ Sauce, Dried Cherries, Cherry Syrup, Cherry-Rhubarb Jam and Apple Butter.  You'll find us at the local farmers markets, food & craft shows, natural food stores across Montana and now on the internet.

Blossoms in May

The Way Fruit Was Meant to Taste. Too much fruit sold in the supermarkets these days arrives under-ripe and laden with chemicals.  Few people today know the pleasure of picking a fully ripe cherry from the tree and popping it into their mouths.  We want to share that taste with our customers.  For example our cherry jam uses fruit that is picked a week later than the fruit that has been shipped to market.  Cherries, picked a week later, have more natural sugar. Since the jam is made from a low sugar pectin recipe, this brings out more of the natural flavor of the cherry in our jam.  Try it, we think you'll agree. 

A Little History:

In 1976 Ray & Carol Johnson purchased a little piece of heaven overlooking Flathead Lake, Montana.  Little did they know, that they were creating a legacy.  At that time the cherry orchard was over 400 trees and could produce more than thirty thousand pounds of cherries.  In January of 1989, the temperature dropped from 50 degrees to below zero in a few hours time.  It was estimated that over 2000 acres of cherry orchards were killed.  The older trees in the picture above survived that freeze, most likely due to the proximity of the tall forest trees. Over the years since the freeze, the orchard was slowly replanted.  By the mid to late 90's, Ray's failing health prevented him from giving the orchard the attention it needed. However, with aid of all of Ray & Carol's children, Bob, Bill, Roy, Terry, Shana, & Gary, the orchard has been replanted.


The cherry orchard is producing some great fruit, and the fruit products have taken off with web sales and over thirty stores in Montana and other states selling our products.  The Organic Certification has gone well - no more dangerous chemicals on any of our fruit!  Customers have come to us for products and fresh fruit from all over the country.  We're very excited about our initial success and look forward to sharing our products with everyone.

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